Illumio Enhances Adaptive Security Platform

August 24, 2017

Illumio is launching the next wave of its micro-segmentation technology with groundbreaking capabilities in visualization and application dependency mapping, as well as security policy development. The new Explorer and Policy Generator features within the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) are currently shipping.

Explorer: Unlocks a new dimension in visualization, allowing operations and security staff to ask "questions" about their network traffic, such as: "Tell me all flows going into and out of my PCI environment. What traffic has crossed from development to production in the last 60 days? Where is the majority of my permitted management traffic coming from? Where is my compute under-provisioned for high availability or failover?"

Policy Generator: Uses network traffic to automatically generate micro-segmentation policies for every workload and application running anywhere, on any compute platform. The new feature can analyze applications and create segmentation policies in seconds without network details like IP addresses. This saves security teams critical time, reduces the risk of human errors and improves policy consistency across the network.

"When we unveiled the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform, we provided the market with the best capabilities to visualize and understand unauthorized communications across the data center and the cloud, providing a strong enhancement to our customers’ security posture," said PJ Kirner, co-founder and CTO of Illumio. "Our Explorer and Policy Generator features provide unparalleled capabilities for customers to map their attack surface and reduce the burden of administering the best security policy for any application or environment."

"CISOs have traditionally allocated their dollars to threat detection and response, but we're seeing a shift toward increased investment in security solutions that enable visibility and control," said Eric Hanselman, chief analyst at 451 Research. "Illumio's experience in the micro-segmentation market, and the context available with their approach, is helping them to crack the code around using real-time application dependency mapping and automated policy building as a foundational element of data center and cloud security."

In 2014, Illumio pioneered real-time application dependency mapping for micro-segmentation. For the first time, organizations gained instant visibility into their workloads, applications, and traffic flows across the data center and cloud. With Explorer and Policy Generator, Illumio continues to deliver the most advanced application dependency mapping and the fastest micro-segmentation capabilities available in the market today.

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