AgileCraft 10X Released

July 06, 2017

AgileCraft 10X is the only platform purpose-built for SAFe and other scaled agile frameworks – enables enterprises to accelerate their agile transformation and strengthen collaboration between product, portfolio and development teams. The result is fully aligned agile organizations with faster delivery cycles, increased ability to respond to changing market conditions, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“As software continues to disrupt business at an increasing rate, every major industry is in a race for enterprise agility. The key to agile at scale is to continually align business and technology to maximize innovation and value delivery; our platform is essential to enabling large companies to more effectively compete in the new economy,” said Steve Elliott, CEO of AgileCraft. “With 10X, we have aggressively expanded on our vision to help our customers accelerate their agile transformations and gain competitive advantage faster than ever before.”

Key among the dozens of major enhancements and capabilities are:

• An elegant, streamlined User Experience, designed to simplify agile execution for all users

• Program and Portfolio-level Command Centers that enable Release Train Engineers, Program Managers and Portfolio Managers to plan, manage, and report on all work in one integrated view

• A new Product Management suite including Live Agile Roadmaps, Business Model Canvasses, Vision Maps, Agile Mind Maps, Personas and Ideation

• Advanced Portfolio Analytics that provide deep insights into status and health within and across portfolios

• New Agile Time Tracking to reduce costs and improve billing accuracy

• Mobile access to real-time analytics and key reports

• Slack Integration for enhanced communication

AgileCraft 10X also introduces a new Agile Enablement Framework, supplementing and re-enforcing the agile knowledge and education organizations are already receiving.

This includes:

• Coaching Cards to help users glean insight, interpret reports and drive action

• New “Why” button enabling any user to fully understand how their work advances the overall strategy of the organization

• Pre-built processes and checklists to support SAFe and other scaled agile methodologies

• Agile Assessments to define key metrics that drive the success of your agile transformation and measure progress over time

• Customer-managed Video Library to reinforce organizational agile learning

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