Augumenta Studio Debuts

April 25, 2017

Augumenta Studio allows developers to quickly design AR applications for smartglass-equipped workers using pre-built templates, libraries of control elements such as meters and gauges, and Augumenta's virtual surface tools and gesture-control software.

Augumenta Studio supports application design for the Augumenta SmartPanel application template, which was a finalist for the HERMES AWARD 2017 presented this week at Hannover Messe. With Augumenta SmartPanel, workers with smartglasses can see and operate virtual control panels for machines that appear as a blank surface to others. Augumenta Studio is used to set-up the virtual control panel, providing highly configurable and flexible human-machine interaction for industrial, commercial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Augumenta is demonstrating its applications and development tools this week in the Team Finland Pavilion (Hall 16, Stand D10) at Hannover Messe. The company is showing how Augumenta Studio is used to build applications for the Augumenta SmartPanel running on the ODG R-7 smartglasses system. Additionally, the company is showing its upcoming Augumenta SmartAlert template, which is optimized for use cases where workers use monocular display smartglasses like the Vuzix M300.

"Augmented Reality provides manufacturing organizations with real-time access to critical factory data and the ability to control machines and production lines without accessing a physical control station, resulting in shorter problem-solving times and greater shop floor efficiency," said Tero Aaltonen, Co-Founder and CEO of Augumenta. "Early adopters of the Augumenta SmartPanel wanted to accelerate application development. So we created Augumenta Studio and the new Augumenta SmartAlert to bring rapid application delivery to more user segments."

To build applications with Augumenta Studio, a developer chooses controls and instruments from the library, defines and links data sources for instruments and then confirms interaction commands used to operate the controls. The application design then is transferred to the target viewing device. For Augumenta SmartPanel applications, stereo-capable smartglasses can display interfaces in sizes ranging from a post card to large-screen display. Augumenta SmartAlert applications utilize the constrained viewing field of single-eye displays to flash alerts from data sources and provide access to simplified controls, including virtual keypads and other control elements displayed on the palm of a user's hand and controllable with simple gestures.

The Augumenta SmartPanel and SmartAlert application templates give enterprise customers and developers an unprecedented level of flexibility paired with privacy and security. Displays are completely configurable and only an authorized smartglass user is able to view data and controls. Displays also can contain different information and controls based on the user's role. This is useful not just in industrial applications but also in operating medical monitoring and diagnostic systems.

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