Observable Networks Enhances Cloud Security Tech

April 19, 2017

Observable Networks has developed enhancements to its patented endpoint modeling technology that enable it to model and automatically detect changes in behavior related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda functions.

AWS’s launch of Lambda has prompted organizations worldwide to adopt serverless computing architectures. These architectures substantially reduce the amount of overhead associated with offering services in the cloud. However, traditional security monitoring tools are not equipped to monitor Lambda functions. Observable Networks provides its customers with continuous Lambda function activity assessment and automated recognition of behavior changes that might be a sign of compromise by a third party.

Another advantage of modeling Lambda functions is the real-time alert insight it provides DevOps and operations into possible misconfigurations that could inadvertently trigger spikes in unexpected processing use. When comparing the cost of the Observable Cloud service to possible unnecessary computing costs, many organizations will reduce overall costs.

“AWS users are a major growth market for us so we’re continuing to invest in new capabilities for these customers,” said Bryan Doerr, CEO of Observable Networks. “Because of the AWS Lambda service, serverless computing architectures are growing in popularity and they need effective security solutions. The Observable Cloud service is meeting these needs.”

“In a shared security responsibility model, there are many threats to cloud-deployed applications and workloads that can only be detected by the automated tracking of behavior,” said Patrick Crowley, founder and CTO of Observable Networks. “AWS Lambda functions with no server software or configuration to manage, is a prime example of pure behavior.”

Support for the AWS Lambda service is operational now and is included in the Observable Cloud service subscription.

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