Airport arrest for alleged hacker

By Kate Bevan, Sophos

August 28, 2017

A Chinese man has been arrested in the US in connection with allegations that he conspired with hackers to breach a group of US companies’ computer networks.

Yu Pingan was arrested at Los Angeles airport shortly after arriving on a flight there, according to the BBC. The FBI alleges that Yu provided hackers with malware including the Sakula trojan, which has been linked to the breach at health insurance firm Anthem, when nearly 80m records were exposed, and the 2014 breach at the US Office of Personnel Management.

The charges allege that Yu, also known as “GoldSun”, was a key member of the gang that attacked US companies in California, Massachusetts and Arizona between 2011 and 2014. Yu conspired with two unnamed hackers to carry out the attacks, claims the FBI.

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