Hackers steal new Johnny Depp ‘Pirates’ film

By Kate Bevan, Sophos

May 16, 2017

Hackers claim to have stolen the latest instalment in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, which stars Johnny Depp (pictured), from Walt Disney and are threatening to release it online unless the studio pays a ransom in bitcoin, Disney chief executive Bob Iger revealed yesterday.

The theft comes only weeks after hackers stole the most recent series of the hit series Orange is the New Black, uploading it to torrent sites after Netflix declined to pay a ransom demanded by the thieves.

The Hollywood Reporter added that other agencies had also been hit with extortion threats, while Disney is thought, like Netflix, to have refused to pay up. It’s no surprise then that other studios are stepping up security around their blockbuster properties: last week it was revealed that the cast of Game of Thrones had been told to use two-factor authentication on their emails to foil would-be hackers.

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