Digital Commerce Platforms are the #1 project for enabling digital business models

By Steve Crawford, Gatner

March 27, 2017

Digital commerce is the #1 transformational project for enabling digital business models. So how and why are enterprises implementing digital commerce?

Digital Commerce Platform Growth Trends and Directions

Gartner surveyed 561 organizations to better understand the key drivers that are influencing why and how organizations are adopting, implementing and using digital commerce platforms. The respondents spanned major geographies, verticals and different organization sizes.

The results from this survey can be found within this report: User Survey Analysis: Digital Commerce Platform Growth Trends and Directions, 2017 (authored by Yanna Dharmasthira.)


Key findings

  • Fifty-one percent of global respondents view digital commerce as the core foundation of their digital business transformation. Nearly 40% of respondents’ total revenue was generated through the digital commerce channel.
  • Eighty percent of respondents are planning aggressive digital commerce budget increases in 2017 — with 39% of respondents saying CEOs or owners will assume primary responsibility for funding, and 32% saying CIOs and/or CTOs will lead digital commerce initiatives.
  • 43% are using or planning in-house-developed digital commerce platform software and 57% prefer packaged software.  Key reasons for not buying packaged software are the availability of internal resources, the lower costs of in-house-developed solutions and the mismatched functionalities of packaged software.

Budgets will Increase — and Aggressively

Given that digital commerce is viewed as a cornerstone of digital business, digital commerce IT budgets are expected to increase aggressively. Eighty percent of respondents are planning to increase their digital commerce budgets, with an average year-over-year budget increase of 21%.

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