Black Duck Releases Atlassian Integrations

May 19, 2017

Black Duck has started a collaboration with Atlassian to manage open source security, compliance, and quality risks, while ensuring DevOps teams maintain speed and agility.

The organizations’ goal is to provide development teams with solution integrations that enhance their ability to maintain velocity and security as they build software using open source components.

“Modern applications are built with open source,” said Jukka Alanen, Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Black Duck. “Black Duck is working with Atlassian to enable software teams to manage and secure their use of open source as part of their existing DevOps and agile processes.”

Black Duck has released two Atlassian integrations to automate the management and security of open source and both are available through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Black Duck’s Atlassian JIRA Software integration allows teams to trigger and manage developer workflows based on open source use and security policies defined in Black Duck Hub. The integration also alerts JIRA Software users when new open source vulnerabilities are identified by Hub. Black Duck’s Atlassian Bamboo CI integration enables teams to automate discovery of open source in their code via Bamboo build processes, helping teams efficiently track and automate open source use as part of their continuous delivery pipeline. This will also help enforce policies to prevent release of applications with unsafe or non-compliant open source.

“Software teams nowadays rely heavily on open source components,” said Bryant Lee, Head of Partnerships and Integration, Atlassian. “The Black Duck Hub add-ons for Bamboo and JIRA provide visibility and control for software teams to use open source with trust and confidence.”

The Atlassian collaboration follows Black Duck’s recent announcement that it is integrating Hub with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (TS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Both integrations are part of a broader Black Duck commitment to simplify and integrate open source management with the tools and platforms that development and DevOps teams use to automate software development and delivery.

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