Birst Touts Networked Business Analytics Platform

March 15, 2017

Birst has received among the four highest scores in four of the five use cases assessed in the 2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report, published March 2.

Birst scored highest for the OEM or Embedded BI (4.15 out of 5) and Extranet Deployment (4.18 out of 5) use cases. It received the third-highest score in the Agile Centralized BI Provisioning (3.80 out of 5) use case, and it received the fourth-highest score in the Governed Data Discovery (3.59 out of 5) use case.

According to the Gartner report, “The BI and analytics platform market has undergone a fundamental shift away from more IT-centric solutions to business-user-driven solutions. Although traditional ad hoc query tools allow power users to author reports, they often still require an upfront IT modeling effort, often via a semantic layer and data warehouse.

“In contrast,” the report said, “modern BI and analytic platforms often use a self-contained in-memory engine with minimal to no upfront modeling requirements. This architecture allows a wider range of business users to perform interactive analysis, without the need for advanced technical or data science skills. As demand from business users for pervasive access to data discovery capabilities grows, IT wants to deliver on this requirement without sacrificing governance — in a managed or governed data discovery mode.”

The 2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities for BI and Analytics report evaluated products from 26 vendors – 24 of which also were evaluated in Gartner’s 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms report, published Feb. 16. Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report is the companion report to the Gartner MQ and scores vendor products on 15 total product-specific critical capabilities across five primary use cases – OEM or Embedded BI, Extranet Deployment, Governed Data Discovery, Agile Centralized BI Provisioning, and Decentralized Analytics.

“In our view, Birst’s innovative work, over the past year, in rolling out Connected Data Preparation, and new mobile and embedded analytics capabilities, resulted in our receiving strong scores across all the use cases that Gartner evaluated in this year’s report,” said Brad Peters, Chairman, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Birst. “With Birst 6, the next evolution of our networked business analytics platform, introduced in November 2016, we can eliminate data silos, while enabling everyday business users to easily access and work with trusted data. We believe we are unique in enabling people to extend their analytics, data models and visualizations through a seamless, networked integration of data and analytics deployments across their organizations.”

Birst 6, the newest evolution of the company’s networked business analytics platform, empowers business users to connect to a new level of trusted insights.

With Birst 6, business users can transform raw data into connected insights quickly and effortlessly. Connected insights means people can connect their prepared data to a network of analytics, enriching their own insights and those of others throughout the organization via Birst’s enterprise-scale, multi-tenant cloud architecture. Only Birst enables people to extend their analytics, data models and visualizations through a seamless, networked integration of data and analytics deployments across their organizations.

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