Cloud Developers Embrace Microservices

February 27, 2017

Microservice architectures offer increased efficiency and flexibility, especially in a Cloud environment, and 92% of developers actively working in the Cloud are either already delivering microservices or have plans to do so in the next 12 months. Evans Data’s recently released Cloud Development Survey found that 43.9% of Cloud developers are currently delivering and deploying microservices in development, test and production; 37.1% are experimenting with the architecture, and an additional 10.9% plan to within the next 12 months.

The survey of 500 Cloud developers also found that the biggest obstacle in creating a microservice architecture is the complexity of decoupling existing services as microservices, cited by 30% of respondents, followed by the complexity of delivering services, cited by 17.4%, and load balancing across multiple environments, 15.7%.

“Microservice architectures are not exactly new,” said Janel Garvin, “but they have recently gained a lot of recognition as a way to create more flexible Cloud applications that can be modified easily and quickly. The advent of DevOps has also contributed to the popularity of microservice architectures as changes can be made without having to redeploy the entire application, which makes life easier for both developers and operations.”

When examining Cloud service offerings, the Cloud Development Survey also found that Database as a Service (DaaS) is considered one of the most important value added Cloud services that can be supplied, followed by deployment and monitoring services, and Analytics.

The Cloud Development survey is published twice a year and is focused on Cloud development. Topics included in this 200 page research document include: Public Cloud Development, Private Cloud Development, Moving to the Cloud, Implementing Cloud Services, Security and Governance, Containers and Virtualization, Data Storage and Analytics, and more.

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