Gamalon Touts Bayesian Program Synthesis for AI

February 15, 2017

Gamalon has developed a new approach to artificial intelligence/machine learning called Bayesian Program Synthesis (BPS). Gamalon’s BPS technology - for the first time - writes and rewrites its own Bayesian programs. This technology achieves higher accuracy and uses orders of magnitude less computation and training data relative to today’s state-of-the-art deep machine learning.

Using BPS, Gamalon is announcing the alpha launch of its first commercial application of this technology, Gamalon Structure and Gamalon Match. Gamalon Structure converts streams of text paragraphs found in databases or documents, into clean, structured data rows ready for use in the enterprise. Gamalon Match can then deduplicate/link these data rows.

Gamalon’s pre-alpha customers are already using the product to accomplish in minutes with twice the accuracy what previously took large teams of people months or even years. The process of generating these results was observed and verified by an independent third party, Galois, Inc.

“We have one customer that, every year, spent nine months and four million dollars to structure and match their data,” said Gamalon’s founder and CEO, Ben Vigoda. “In contrast, Gamalon was able to perform the same task in minutes with twice the accuracy. Almost every enterprise that we talk to has large quantities of unstructured text data that they are currently unable to use, so we are very excited to see where this first product can take us.”

Gamalon has received approximately $7.2 million in research and developments contracts from DARPA with another $500 thousand from other government agencies. Gamalon also recently raised a $4.45 million Series Seed venture capital round including industry luminaries Adam D’Angelo, Andy Bechtolsheim, Steve Blank, Ivan Chong, and Georges Harik, led by Aydin Senkut and Niki Pezeshki at Felicis Ventures, and including Nicole Stata and Raymie Stata at Boston Seed Capital, Matt Sutton, and Carlos Gonzalez at Rivas Capital. Gamalon has also been identified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as one of twenty-five MIT STEX25 startups.

The Gamalon Structure and Gamalon Match services are now available to select customers as API’s integrated with the Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Cloud platforms.

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