Quali Releases CloudShell Virtual Edition

August 28, 2017

CloudShell Virtual Edition (VE) is a new cloud sandbox offering tailored for virtualized IT environments. CloudShell VE can spin up sandbox environments with virtual components in a few minutes on most public or private clouds. The virtual edition makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever for developers, testers and DevOps teams to model complex application and virtualization infrastructure blueprints and quickly deploy them to any cloud or virtualization platform.

CloudShell VE is designed for purely virtualized environments, complementing Quali's flagship CloudShell Pro product which offers full-stack, on-demand hybrid IT environments including integration with physical infrastructure.

"CloudShell VE addresses a long-felt need among Quali customers and partners requesting a product tailored for virtualized deployments. It offers a compelling new starting point for these customers to create on-demand, self-service IT environments on any cloud of their choice (public or private) to accelerate their IT transformation and digitization initiatives," said Shashi Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer of Quali. "CloudShell VE speeds up use cases that don't require integration with physical infrastructure to adopt a standardized blueprint-driven approach that can spin up and spin down complex IT environments with significant cost efficiencies and productivity increases."

At the time of this announcement, CloudShell VE supports cloud sandboxes over private clouds running VMware vCenter and OpenStack or public clouds including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Quali expects to add support for more clouds based on business demand. With its rich library of application templates, virtualized networking components and support for ready-to-go applications, CloudShell VE allows users to accelerate DevOps and application modernization initiatives, speeding up environment setup time from weeks to minutes.

"With accelerating growth of multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure, enterprises are seeking to leverage different options -- including public clouds, private clouds and on-premise environments -- to speed and improve secure application releases and application experiences," said Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, 451 Research. "This means choice and flexibility of different infrastructures and combinations without being locked in to any particular cloud or deployment path. By allowing enterprises to speed setup and tear-down time for on-demand, self-service IT environments, Quali's CloudShell VE may help organizations more effectively leverage multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure for virtual sandbox environments that serve development, testing, DevOps, security and other teams."

The company already has production customers deploying CloudShell VE on VMware vCenter-based private clouds as well as Microsoft Azure deployments. Several customers are currently trialing on Amazon AWS and having phased deployments for a variety of use cases including DevOps Dev/Test environments and cyber ranges for enhancing cyber security, demo, training and support environment replication.

CloudShell VE is available immediately with subscriptions starting at $1,500 per month, including licenses for five concurrent environments on a single cloud.

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