Bitfury Group Launches Exonum

July 17, 2017

Exonum is your next step to Blockchain. Exonum is the software framework that will help businesses and governments securely and easily bring their Blockchain ideas and solutions to life.

“We have seen interest and enthusiasm for Blockchain solutions grow every day as businesses, governments and institutions look for the easiest and most secure way to take their next step. Exonum is the next step to Blockchain, offering robust and unparalleled Blockchain capabilities for asset management and security,” said Valery Vavilov, CEO of The Bitfury Group.

“We have spent almost two years working to create our Exonum Blockchain platform, deeply analyzing and modeling different Blockchain concepts. Exonum is the direct result of extensive research and testing by our elite team of best-in-class mathematicians, scientists, developers and analysts coming together to create this inimitable platform. Respecting the open and collaborative nature of the Blockchain and Bitcoin communities, we elected to make this software available to anyone developing Blockchain-based applications, helping more organizations, governments and businesses benefit from the incredible potential of Blockchain.”

The source code for Exonum can be accessed through the product’s official website and on Github. Developers are free to incorporate, adapt and extend the Exonum source code according to their needs.

Bitfury first exhibited Exonum at RustFest 2017, where they led a workshop guiding developers through a tutorial on how to create their own cryptocurrencies and demonstrated how Exonum can act as a framework for developing Blockchain-based applications.

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