Syncfusion Releases Essential Studio 2017 Volume 1

March 13, 2017

This year’s first release introduces new controls and features, along with improvements to existing offerings, all of which offer support for publicly available versions of Visual Studio 2017. Some of the most exciting additions are:

• A sunburst chart control for JavaScript and all the ASP.NET platforms for visualizing hierarchical data in a circular chart. Drill-down capability in WPF and UWP has also been added.

• Major performance improvements for WPF’s data grid control.

• A box and whiskers series chart for JavaScript, WPF, UWP, and all ASP.NET platforms.

• Support for editing in the Xamarin.Forms data grid, as well as for column resizing.

“Increasing developer productivity is at the core of everything we do at Syncfusion and this release is no different,” said Daniel Jebaraj, Syncfusion vice president. “Customers will appreciate the vast trove of feature updates and bug fixes that have been added to this release of Essential Studio.”

In addition, the bar code control in JavaScript, UWP, and WPF can now render UPC-A bar codes, and Xamarin.Forms’s list view supports grid layout and DataTemplateSelector. Further, all of Syncfusion’s file format libraries are now .NET Standard compliant. See our What’s New page for details about your platform of choice.

Developers interested in purchasing Syncfusion’s full suite of products—over 800 components and the award-winning enterprise platforms—should take a look at Syncfusion’s unlimited flat-fee license, starting at $3,995 a year and covering every developer on a project. If you’re curious about Essential Studio 2017 Volume 1 but not ready to commit, you can download a free, 30-day trial at

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