CodeFights Launches Interview Practice Mode

February 15, 2017,

CodeFights launched Interview Practice Mode, a new mode on that enables developers to prepare for job interviews with technical questions asked by top tech companies. Interview Practice marks the latest step in CodeFights' mission to transform the way companies hire with skill-based recruiting. This feature will empower developers from all backgrounds, locations, and skill sets to better understand their abilities, pursue lucrative job opportunities, and land their dream jobs.

For most engineering jobs, companies put candidates through rigorous technical interviews where they are asked difficult questions and asked to complete coding tasks. These interviews can be difficult to prepare for, especially for candidates who have never gone through a similar interview process before. CodeFights created Interview Practice to bridge this gap and provide every coder with the tools and experience they need to ace their job interviews.

"We have helped engineers from all backgrounds land jobs at top tech companies and they frequently told us they were caught off guard by the interviews," said Tigran Sloyan, Founder and CEO of CodeFights. "Companies often present technical questions that are unrelated to the day-to-day jobs that engineers do. We decided to fill that gap with Interview Practice Mode to help our users know what to expect."

Interview Practice provides developers with coding tasks derived from real interviews with companies including Facebook, Google and Amazon. CodeFights tapped into its community to crowdsource the largest database of real interview questions out there. Coders can filter tasks by company or topic, which allows them to be more focused about their preparation, as well as practice their skills one topic at a time, from simple string manipulation to dynamic programming.

Interview Practice also includes frequency data. CodeFights asks all users if they have seen a specific task in an interview before in order to provide insight into which tasks are more common than others. After completing a task, the coder gets a score which enables them to see how they did and identify areas for improvement.

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