Univa Enhances Unisight 4.1

February 6, 2017

Unisight v4.1 product provides simple and extensible metric collection for all types of Univa Grid Engine data including NVIDIA GPUs and Software Licenses. Unisight v4.1 is a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool that provides Grid Engine cluster admins the ability to measure resource utilization and use facts to plan additional server and application purchases.

Bundled with Univa Grid Engine software, Univa's powerful and highly scalable solution collects current and historical data on jobs, applications, container images, users, GPUs, software licenses and hosts. Unisight is used to generate and share reports that provide unmatched visibility into overall performance, efficiency and actual use of cluster resources.

Unisight v4.1 key new features include the functionality to combine multiple data attributes on a single graph, and collect data from any Univa Grid Engine complex entry automatically. Upgrading from Unisight v4.0 to Unisight v4.1 is straightforward for current users.

"With Unisight v4.1, organizations take an important step toward improving data center automation choices by understanding infrastructure utilization and workflow," said Fritz Ferstl, CTO and Business Development, EMEA at Univa. "With built-in reports, customers can monitor resource usage - including software license - to obtain the deep insights required to make informed long-term IT strategy and budget decisions from server architecture to memory requirements."

Unisight v4.1 release supports Univa Grid Engine v8.3.1p12 or later patches, or v8.4.1 or later.

Key new features include:

Comparing multiple values from an attribute in an object, e.g., comparing 'running' and 'pending' jobs on the same graph.

Collecting metrics automatically from the Grid Engine GPU load sensor for one or more NVIDIA GPU cards

Gathering data automatically for Docker-enabled Univa Grid Engine hosts and creating reports and graphs to show Docker enabled hosts and recently used Docker images

Importing old Univa Grid Engine Reporting or Accounting files (newer than UGE 8.2.X) into Unisight v4.1 for reports and graphs.

Detecting automatically added or removed complex entries from Univa Grid Engine

Collecting data on Univa Grid Engine complex entries or self defined metrics to be used as filters and metrics

Univa Unisight v4.1 is available now and is in production in some of the world's most demanding environments.

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