AWS outage hits apps, web, platforms

By Kate Bevan, Sophos

March 2, 2017

A three-hour outage at Amazon Web Services on Tuesday not only took down millions of websites but also many huge services, apps, back ends and platforms, highlighting the silent but vital role the web giant plays in keeping the lights on for countless services, vast and tiny.

Amazon hasnít yet said what took down its AWS S3 service, but its failure left services from Mailchimp, Slack and Trello to IFTT returning errors Ė and leaving people unable to control smarthome devices such as connected lightbulbs.

Even Amazonís own dashboard was taken down by the outage, meaning that users couldnít get updated information, as was the isitdownrightnow site that monitors the status of big sites and platforms.

As with the Mirai attack last year on the DNS service provided by Dyn, this outage is a sobering reminder that much of the web relies on a small group of huge infrastructure providers.

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