Aerohive Connect Offering Launched

January 31, 2017

Aerohive Connect is a new cloud networking solution that delivers enterprise connectivity and centralized management starting at $229 per access point. Aerohive Connect is built on the power of cloud networking, Aerohive’s unique Cooperative Control Wi-Fi architecture, and access to the industry’s best customer support. Connect allows organizations to grow as they go, simplify their network operations, and effortlessly upgrade to the full suite of Aerohive solutions as their needs change.

As part of the new Connect offering, Aerohive also announced the launch of the AP122, a new enterprise-grade 802.11ac access point. Aerohive Connect and the AP122 are available immediately.

Aerohive Connect delivers cloud-managed connectivity to customers starting at the disruptive prices of $229 for the AP122, Aerohive’s newest 802.11ac access point, and $299 for the AP130, one of Aerohive’s best-selling access points previously priced at $599. Aerohive Connect includes the same access point technology used in Aerohive’s largest and most demanding deployments, as well as HiveManager® Connect, a simplified version of Aerohive’s cloud-based network management, access to the industry’s best customer support, and an easy path to upgrade to Aerohive’s full suite of features, deployment options, and support, all for the per-AP price of $229 or $299.

Aerohive Connect benefits:

  • Reduced Cost – Dramatically lower purchase prices than comparable Cisco and HP solutions, as well as a self-optimizing and self-healing architecture that keeps ongoing costs down without compromising quality.
  • Six-Click Configuration – Step-by-step-guided configuration and intuitive management that lets customers build enterprise-level connectivity configurations in six clicks.
  • Simplified Cloud Management – Ongoing operation of even the largest networks from a single point of management using Aerohive’s leading cloud networking platform. HiveManager Connect is perfectly designed for simpler networks and connectivity-oriented use cases.
  • Effortless Scale – The ability to scale from one to thousands of access points with a single architecture. Aerohive is the only vendor that uses the same architecture to support all customers, from the smallest organizations to the largest.
  • High Quality Support – HiveCare™ Connect Support with access to the HiveCare Connect Community, a forum-based interactive support community, online tools and resources, and email support. The optional HiveCare Connect CallBack service provides phone access to Aerohive’s support team.
  • Seamless Upgrade Path – Ability to upgrade to Aerohive’s highest levels of functionality and support with no need to touch already deployed access points.

Aerohive Connect customers can upgrade to Aerohive Select, Aerohive’s proven and previously available solution, to deliver a more complete Connected Experience. Aerohive Select includes additional capabilities, such as advanced security and troubleshooting tools, support for BYOD programs, increased network visibility, more enterprise support options, and the ability to deploy HiveManager on-premises or in a private cloud. Aerohive Connect customers can purchase an upgrade to Aerohive Select at any time as their requirements change and migrate between the solutions in minutes.

Aerohive’s new AP122, which is a 2x2 MIMO, dual radio 802.11ac access point, is designed for coverage-focused environments, as well as IoT and location-based services. The AP122 supports two spatial streams and has built-in BLE and USB to accommodate beacons and other IoT devices. Versatile and value-priced, AP122 enables organizations not only to deploy essential Wi-Fi, but also to utilize the product’s additional rich capabilities now and in the future.

Aerohive AP130 is a 2x2, 2 spatial stream, 802.11ac access point which provides powerful 802.11ac performance. Advanced software features and simplified management offer a cost-optimized solution that allows for high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi in every office or environment. Running Aerohive’s powerful HiveOS® coupled with Aerohive’s innovative, distributed Cooperative Control protocols, the AP130 maintains Aerohive’s high standard for a cost-effective WLAN solution for mid-to-high-density environments.

Aerohive’s AP122 is available immediately for $229 and the AP130 for $299 on Aerohive’s US and International price lists

HiveManager Connect is available today

HiveCare Connect support is available today on HiveNation

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