NTT DATA Services, AnatomyWorks Enhance Brain Mapping Algorithms

November 28, 2016

NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services has partnered with AnatomyWorks to further enhance analytics tools that will provide greater brain mapping detail and proficiency by leveraging technology from Johns Hopkins University. The Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) services from NTT DATA Services will provide imaging analytics using machine vision and allow radiologists to quantitatively evaluate brain anatomy and compare the results with normal population using the data collected.

“This partnership with NTT DATA Services will help accelerate the availability and scalability in the cloud for fully automated magnetic resonance image segmentation and anatomical interpretation tools,” said Dr. Nayoung Louie, chief strategic officer of AnatomyWorks. “The goal of the collaboration is to develop new data-driven tools to assist routine brain image reading through the integration of the large database from NTT DATA Services and our image structuration technologies. Our mission is to make these diffeomorphic image registration tools and the deformable population-based brain atlases available to research and clinical users.”

The UCA platform for imaging analytics is building a broad range of machine vision and artificial intelligence tools to give physicians and clinicians the radiology imaging tools needed to proactively diagnose and treat patients. The result is a greater quality and value brought from enhancing the level of detailed analysis that can be quantitatively used to help understand the anatomical imaging. These results can be used in driving patient segmentation for risk and assessing the impact of care pathways to drive radiology’s participation in population health.

“The advances in medical imaging continue to accelerate how care decisions are made,” said Dr. Michael Miller, director of the Center for Imaging Science at Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering. “Automated tools that radiologists can use to structure, search and retrieve population data should also provide better value from the imaging utilization because of the additional health insights that anatomical analytics can provide.”

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