About Collibra 5.1
Collibra 5.1 will offer major new functionality in two key aspects of the platform:

  • Data lineage diagrams – Collibra 5.1 dramatically enhances the capabilities of data lineage diagrams with first-of-its-kind interactive capabilities. Adding governed context to data lineage diagrams is a straightforward way to enable every data citizen to create additional value for the business. Collibra 5.1 empowers business users to fully understand and document their business data lineage without having to leave the diagram.

Features include:

  • A style makeover that delivers a consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate look-and-feel using customizable colors and icons, or abbreviations per asset type.
  • New features that make working with many assets in a single diagram smoother.
  • “Smart explore” functionality that allows for an intuitive navigation through the diagram.
  • Ability to trace the path between multiple selected assets, removing all others.
  • Key asset attributes, available as informative overlays that can be toggled on or off to save screen real estate. Activate them for all assets in the diagram, or only for selected assets.

Unlike other companies’ static, read-only data lineage, the new Collibra 5.1 diagrams are designed to do data governance from within the diagram. The interactive menu, just a click away, will soon be expanded to give users the ability to add comments, trigger workflow actions, and add tags.

  • Collibra Catalog – Introduced in the October 2016 release of Collibra 5.0, Collibra Catalog leverages proven data governance principles to enable business users and data scientists alike to find and shop for trusted data in much the same way as they shop for products on consumer sites like Amazon. The Collibra Catalog incorporates machine learning functionality to learn from past user behaviors to make specific data recommendations and leverages crowdsourcing to enhance metadata quality. With Collibra 5.1, important new functionality will be added to the Collibra Catalog including:
  • Data profiling: Collibra believes data profiling is a capability to which every data steward and data analyst should have easy access so they can more quickly and collaboratively find and understand data. This approach is in contrast to other companies’ profiling tools, which are locked-in, IT-only tools.
  • With data profiling, Collibra Catalog does not store just technical metadata, but also extracts statistics from the data itself.
  • Collibra 5.1 will also allow users to store a data sample, as well as more easily register data sets of unsupported sources through Collibra Connect. For registered data sources, Collibra 5.1 will add different possibilities to schedule a data source refresh/resync.
  • The Catalog also shows a graphical representation of certain data types to allow “blink-of-the-eye” insights.
  • Sensitive data (e.g., social security numbers) can also be easily hidden from unauthorized users.
  • Tagging: Further strengthening the Collibra approach to crowd-sourced metadata, Collibra 5.1 will feature on-the-fly tagging capabilities that leverage the power of large numbers of data citizens to enrich the information available for data sets. Tags can be filtered and stored in a view definition to make data collections easier to find.