Qubole Data Service (QDS) Available on the Oracle Cloud

February 06, 2017

The Qubole Data Service leverages high-performance bare metal on Oracle Cloud to provide customers with fast access to analytics that guide business decisions.

“Cloud is rapidly becoming the dominant deployment option for big data because it provides unmatched agility, time to market and cost efficiency,” said Ashish Thusoo, CEO of Qubole. “Oracle is setting a new standard for price-performance in the cloud which makes it a perfect fit for Qubole.”

Qubole Data Service provides an enterprise-grade turnkey data platform for all types of big data workloads, leveraging open source processing engines such as Spark, Hadoop and Hive with auto-scaling capabilities built-in to optimize for performance and cost in real-time. Combined with Oracle’s fast NVMe SSD storage and its flat, efficient network architecture, QDS can deliver a high-performance big data solution, while decreasing time to implementation.

The Qubole Data Service native integration with Oracle Cloud allows users to combine any data from Oracle databases, object storage data lakes, and applications with data from third party sources for faster insights. Leveraging the Oracle Cloud object storage architecture for separating compute and data lake operations, and Qubole’s built-in connectors, customers gain flexibility, while keeping costs low.

“The Oracle Cloud Platform fundamentally re-imagines what a modern, high performance cloud should be for modern big data workloads,” said Deepak Patil, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Platform. “Working with Qubole means we can deliver a powerful big data service that helps our customers get the most from their data, and the most from our cloud.”

Starting today, users can sign up for Qubole service in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and begin running big data workloads immediately.

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