Hello, Odense!

By Niall McEntegart, Facebook Director of Data Center Operations, EMEA & APAC

January 19, 2017

Our data centers house the infrastructure that connects billions of people, and helps us scale as we create more immersive experiences through live video, 360 photos and videos, and virtual and augmented reality. Today, we're thrilled to share that our next data center will be built in Odense, Denmark and join our Prineville, Forest City, LuleŚ, Altoona, Fort Worth, Clonee, and Los Lunas facilities as one of the cornerstones of our global infrastructure.

When considering a new location for a data center, we look for great partnerships within the local community, a strong pool of local talent for construction and long-term operations positions, excellent access to fiber and power, and clean and renewable energy solutions. Our specific location in Odense offers all of this, including a robust Nordic electric grid, a great set of collaborative community partners who've helped us move forward quickly with our project, and more.
Our Odense facility will be one of the most advanced, energy-efficient data centers in the world. It will feature the latest in our Open Compute Project hardware designs that result in world-class levels of energy efficiency. It will be cooled using outdoor air and indirect evaporative cooling systems that emphasize water and energy efficiencyóand like our five previous data centers, our newest facility here in Odense will be powered by 100% clean and renewable energy.
The Odense Data Center will support thousands of new construction jobs, more than one hundred operations jobs, and generate hundreds of millions of DKK in new investments to Denmark. You can read more about the impact our data center investments have had so far in Sweden, Oregon, and North Carolina. Our project goes beyond just economic impact thoughówe want to do what we can to help the Odense community continue to thrive, and we look forward to being part of the community.

Thank you to those of you who have helped us get to this point. We're excited to be here!

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