Oracle Expands Cloud Services 

January 17, 2017

Oracle plans to bring three new Regions online over the next six months. The regional expansion of Oracle's cloud footprint will include Reston, Virginia; London, UK; and Turkey. The new Regions are expected to come online by mid-2017. With this expansion, Oracle will have doubled the regional presence of its cloud platform in the last 24 months, with 29 Regions available globally. Additional Regions are planned to come online in APAC, North America, and the Middle East through mid-2018.

Organizations are turning to Oracle at record-rates to build, deploy, and extend game-changing applications and run business-critical workloads in a low-latency, highly available, reliable and secure cloud environment. Today, customers in 195 countries are running their most demanding applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform.

"Oracle is committed to building the most differentiated Cloud Platform that delivers on the requirements of a wide array of customer workloads," said Deepak Patil, vice president of development, Oracle Cloud Platform. "This regional expansion underscores our commitment to making the engineering and capital investments required to continue to be a global large scale cloud platform leader."

Each of Oracle's planned new cloud regions will consist of a minimum of three high bandwidth, low latency sites or Availability Domains (ADs). These ADs are to be located several miles from each-other and operate in a completely fault-independent manner. This unique, differentiated approach provides the highest levels of failure protection and availability to Oracle customers' most demanding cloud applications. Availability Domains are deeply integrated into the Oracle Cloud Platform, easing use and eliminating complex architectural decision-making around availability.

"We've been consistently impressed with the speed, availability and price of Oracle's Bare Metal Cloud. This has, in turn, helped us grow our business across the world," said Gareth Williams, CEO, YellowDog. "The new EMEA Regions will enable us to offer an improved service to our high-end customers in Europe who look to YellowDog to deliver not only super-fast, super-secure and high availability cloud rendering, but also super-low latency."

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