Product Development Tips from the Wright Brothers

By Emily Bonnie, Wrike

October 26, 2016

Roll out the red carpet! Pop the popcorn! Dim the lights! We’re premiering the first in a series of videos on Lean methodology, featuring your very own productivity coach, Errette Dunn.

This first video applies Lean principles to the product development process, taking examples from the history of flight and the Wright brothers’ amazing success. You’ll learn:

  • how to shake up your process for better results
  • the most important first step for every stage
  • to watch for costly assumptions that could trip you up

Make your product development process more efficient, the Wright way. Hit ‘play’ now! 

Good product development is crucial to your company’s success, whether it’s a small business startup or a huge corporation. Product delays or failures can mean falling behind competitors, or (worst case scenario) a failed launch. When developing your next product, look to the Wright brothers for Lean lessons to help your project soar.

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