Apache Spot Draws Bead on Cybersecurity

September 28, 2016

Cloudera has made a proposal in collaboration with Intel to donate Spot to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Apache Spot (incubating), formerly called Open Network Insight (ONI), is a community-developed open source project started by Intel that aims to increase visibility into security threats by providing advanced threat detection using big data analytics and machine learning.

By leveraging Apache Hadoop for infinite log management and data storage scale, and Apache Spark for machine learning and near real-time anomaly detection, organizations and cybersecurity application developers are unlocking new analytics functionality unmatched by previous applications. Spot allows organizations to more effectively harness the power of this technology and data science skills in the Apache big data ecosystem for detecting unknown cyber threats.

“The proposed donation of Spot to the Apache Software Foundation marks a momentous occasion for the cybersecurity industry and the project,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer at Cloudera. “Our collaborations with leading organizations and the community at large is unlocking unprecedented analytic threat sharing capabilities.”

“The open source community is the perfect environment for Apache Spot to take a collective, peer-driven approach to fighting cybercrime,” said Ron Kasabian, vice president and general manager, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Solutions Group at Intel Corporation. “The combined expertise of contributors will help further Apache Spot’s open data model vision and provide the grounds for collaboration on the world’s toughest and constantly evolving challenges in cybersecurity analytics.”

Since Spot’s launch earlier this year, Intel, Cloudera and their collaborators, including Anomoli, Centrify, Cloudwick, Cybraics, eBay, Endgame, Jask, Streamsets and Webroot, have been building momentum behind the project as the community continues to rally behind the vision for Apache Spot:

  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Hub and Open Data Models:
    Apache Hadoop gives organizations a single platform for collecting and managing all of their security data. Apache Spot leverages Hadoop and provides common open data models for network, endpoint, and user. These Open Data Models provide a standard format of enriched event data that makes it easier to integrate cross application data to gain complete enterprise visibility and develop net new analytic functionality.
  • Facilitate Analytics Collaboration:
    Cyber criminals collaborate all of the time; Apache Spot will help the security industry do the same. Leading cybersecurity data scientists have been contributing to Apache Spot and developing out of the box machine learning capabilities that allow organizations to quickly discover abnormal and malicious behaviors using Apache Spark. Apache Spot’s Open Data Models ensure that organizations will be able to quickly share new analytics with one another as new threats are discovered. Apache Hadoop allows organizations to run these analytics against comprehensive historic data sets, helping organizations identify past threats that have slipped through the cracks.
  • Foster a Rich Application Ecosystem:

    As cybersecurity applications continue to be built by enterprises and vendors in the space, Apache Spot will accelerate the development of these solutions working with the strong community of partners already part of the Apache Spot effort. Leveraging Apache Spot as a cybersecurity analytics framework, organizations can spend more time building the analytics and visualizations that help discover cybercrime and less time building systems to ingest, integrate, store, and process any volume or variety of security data.

    Looking at Gartner’s Market Trends report, 60% of the User Behavior Analytics applications and 25% of Network Traffic Analytics applications are building on CDH already. With Apache Spot optimized for CDH, Apache Spot is poised to accelerate the development of the next generation of cybersecurity applications.

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