Arista Intros DANZ 2017

February 2, 2017

Arista Data ANalyZer DANZ 2017 supports the Arista R-Series Universal Leaf and Spine platforms, and brings improved visibility to 25G and 100G networks. DANZ, powered by Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) and combined with Arista CloudVision for automation and telemetry, delivers the hyperscale visibility platform required to secure today’s cloud centric applications and workflows.

“The security and availability needs of today’s cloud networks require visibility architectures that match their speed and scale. DANZ 2017 is the visibility architecture that can scale to thousands of access points and hundreds of terabits of bandwidth,” said Hugh Holbrook, vice president, Software Engineering for Arista Networks.

CloudVision, together with the Arista 7500R and 7280R Series, delivers integrated in-band and out-of-band security insertion, precision visibility, network-wide scale, cloud automation, integrated change control, advanced telemetry and analytics. The Arista R-Series is a family of fixed and modular solutions that each provide non-blocking and lossless data delivery at scales from 1 to 115 Tbps and densities up to 432 ports of 100G and 1152 ports of 25G. These capacities represent an advantage of 12-36X in density and 44-293X in bandwidth compared to existing packet broker platforms.

DANZ 2017 for Deep Monitoring and Visibility

The DANZ feature set, included in standard Arista EOS software images, provides in-band and out-of-band telemetry and packet capture with a rich set of features previously only available in add-on network visibility devices.

DANZ on the Arista R-series provides lossless visibility with deep elastic buffers, Virtual Output Queue (VOQ) architecture, and LANZ microburst detection. All DANZ platforms support a unified TAP Aggregation GUI / API / CLI management interface, and CloudVision integration for automation, provisioning, and telemetry.

This functionality combined with the economics of Arista’s industry-standard, open architecture establish the Arista R-series with DANZ as the preeminent visibility platform designed to scale to address current and future enterprise, cloud and service provider visibility requirements at link speeds of 25-100Gbps or higher.

This allows customers to:

•Analyze workstreams in real-time with CloudVision Telemetry Analytics

•Automate virtualized workload visibility with Arista Network Tracers

•Selectively mirror in-band traffic via IP-tunnels to capture anomalies without additional cost

•Analyze traffic within the infrastructure on-switch for rapid on-demand incident resolution

•Aggregate traffic to scale-out tool farms losslessly, and with precision filtering, for deep visibility

Arista delivers advanced capabilities like DANZ through software innovations in its EOS software, while maintaining the cloud principles of merchant silicon economics, hyper-scale bandwidth, and density that cloud operators demand. The unique approach to in-band and out-of-band monitoring makes lossless monitoring for security applications possible at any scale with cloud economy.

With support on the Arista R-Series, the same universal cloud networking platforms deployed for production switching and routing infrastructure can be leveraged for visibility infrastructure, saving customers operational expense and complexity.

Availability and Pricing

DANZ 2017 features will be available on all Arista R-Series Universal Leaf and Spine platforms as well as the Arista 7150-series ultra-low latency platforms in Q1’2017. The Arista DANZ 2017 feature set requires either a monitoring feature license or CloudVision license for each supported platform or customer environment. Contact Arista for further information and pricing.

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