High Security Requirements is Tops for IIoT Developers

January 9, 2017

Security is an issue for most software developers but the high security requirements needed for industrial Internet of Things is the number one challenge for 49.1% of developers working in that space, according to Evans Data’s newly released Internet of Things survey. The survey of over 800 developers working on IoT projects was conducted worldwide in six languages and focuses on the development landscape for IoT as well as issues and adoption patterns. Data management and incompatible networking standards were the next challenging issues for Industrial IoT development but neither of these was close to Security requirements.

The most common type of industrial Internet of Things is for manufacturing, an area targeted by a quarter of the developers working on industrial IoT projects. Asset monitoring and maintenance (12%) followed by facilities management (10%) were the next most commonly cited area of focus. Over all the focal element was diffuse with a wide spread which is common in new and evolving technologies.

“Hacks on power plants, critical utilities, and manufacturing plants are potentially very dangerous,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “This is the kind of thing that can seriously disrupt a society, and in the case of nuclear power plants, have terrible consequences. That’s why there’s so much emphasis on security in any IoT endeavor, but especially the industrial world.”

The Internet of Things Development Survey is a survey of developers active in Internet of Things development conducted twice a year worldwide. Topics in this survey include, the IoT Landscape, Demographics, Firmographics, IoT Development Lifecycle, Complementary technologies, Technology adoption, and more.

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