A new partner joining our rodeo, Ted Wang

By Aileen Lee, Cowboy Ventures

January 25, 2017

Iíve been the sole general partner at Cowboy Ventures for the past five years and am proud to have gotten us into business, set a course, come up with fun non-traditional logos and backed the exceptional people in the Cowboy family. But we know teams win, and having different people around the table drives better outcomes, especially in investing. And we want to continually improve in being exceptionally helpful to entrepreneurs.

So Iím thrilled to announce Ted is joining our posse as an investment partner. Ted brings unmatched experience, guidance, relationships, new ideas and energy to our teams. Ted and I also share a strong service orientation toward founders, a love for the potential of Cowboy Ventures, New Jersey grit and a friendship that spans over a decade.

A few words about Tedís relevant experience for founders. He ran and grew his own legal startup, so he can relate to some of the struggle startup founders go through. Starting with only a small practice at Fenwick & West, he became the leading lawyer for venture-backed consumer and enterprise tech startups over the past 10 years. By having a nose for tech trends, great instincts about people, hustling, giving outstanding advice, being respected and recommended by many great founders and investors, and being a no BS, fun to work with human, he was chosen as outside counsel (most often at company founding stage) by many of the best founders across the country. This includes teams at Facebook, Twitter, Square, Dropbox, Gusto, Jet, Quip, Sonos, Zuora, Alt School, Appirio and 200+ more clients. Just imagine having the chance to be advised by an investor who has sat for years at board tables with so many of the most valuable tech companies, helped with thousands of financings and M&A transactions, and seen hundreds of companies have to turn out the lights in the past decade. We think he is going to be awesomely helpful to startups.

Ted has also done cool things for the entrepreneurial community like author the widely used open source Series Seed documents. I used to joke a smart venture investment strategy would be to build a Ted Wang shadow portfolio Ė it would generate better returns than most venture funds.  

Beyond his business success, Ted is also a fantastic friend, family member, adventurer and citizen. His wife Michele is one of my favorite people in the world, as are their two children Kate & Jake. They have amazing enthusiasm for life experiences, like moving to Argentina two years ago to experience a year abroad. Ted also has passions outside of work like seeing live music, following our local sports teams, and making Silicon Valley more accessible and livable Ė he was one of the drivers behind the recently approved Measure A that created a $950m bond to build more affordable housing in Santa Clara County.

On behalf of the Cowboy Ventures community, Iím excited to welcome Ted to our team. His energy, ideas, experiences and relationships will make us even better, and will make work more fun for us.  He can be reached at and @twang on Twitter.

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