Machine Learning in Education – up 95% in 6 months

January 2, 2016

Education is on the rise for industries being targeted by developers using machine learning, although Internet of Things is still the top target with 14% of machine learning developers targeting it according to the recently released Evans Data Corp’s Global Development Survey. The survey of over 1400 developers worldwide found that the number of developers targeting the Education/Academic industry has almost doubled – rising to 11.7% of developers using machine learning from 6% when this study was last conducted 6 months ago.

The survey, conducted in six languages across four continents showed that a larger number of machine learning developers in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa as well as North America target the Education industry over IoT. Only in Asia-Pacific regions was IoT cited more by a significant number of developers.

The survey also showed that 27% of developers currently use machine learning it in their development efforts, and 29% of developers plan to use machine learning at some point in the future.

“Machine learning includes many techniques that are rapidly being adopted at this time in many areas including educational implementations like content and learning analytics.” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “But excitement about AI related techniques is everywhere. We are seeing more and more interest from developers in all forms of cognitive computing, including pattern recognition, natural language recognition, and neural networks and we fully expect that the programs of tomorrow are going to be based on these blossoming technologies of today.”

The Global Development Survey is a broad survey of developers conducted twice a year worldwide on a variety of subjects. Topics included in this survey include, Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Databases and Big Data, Platform Adoption, Virtualization, Bock Chain Development, High Performance Computing, User Interfaces and UX Experience, Development Lifecycles, Tools and Demographics.

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