Origin Code Academy Launches Evening Programming Courses

November 14, 2016

Origin Code Academy, San Diego’s code school dedicated to job placement, has expanded its course offering, introducing the first evening programmer training ever available in San Diego – as well as additional daytime developer courses.

“Our evening courses are geared towards those students that have work or family commitments that prevent them taking our daytime courses,” said Jeff Winkler, Founder and CEO of Origin Code Academy. “By opening up an evening course, we’re now more accommodating for those individuals who want to make a career shift, but can’t abandon their current daytime schedule. It’s about being more inclusive and serving those that have true drive and a strong ambition to learn.”

Registration for the first evening class beginning January 9, 2017 is now open. This 18-week class will run from 6-10 pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 9 am - 5 pm on Saturdays. All classes meet at Origin Code Academy in the heart of downtown San Diego, conveniently located in the same building as startup incubator EvoNexus and co-working space The Vine.

Since opening in August 2015, Origin Code Academy has graduated more than 100 students, with 93% of them receiving a job offer within 90 days of graduating. The average starting salary for an Origin Code Academy graduate is $65,000 per year – with a top reported salary offer of $110,000.

“We are focused squarely on helping people become job-ready for the programming industry,” Winkler said. “The demand for well-trained developers in San Diego continues to grow and there’s tremendous opportunity for people with the right skills.”

Origin Code Academy teaches a variety of technology stacks and programming frameworks, including .NET, Javascript, Angular, CSS and HTML. Students also learn how to work with database technologies and APIs, and how to develop real-time applications. Other highly valued skills such as Source Control and Test Driven Development are also important components of the Academy curriculum.

Students of Origin Code Academy acquire a minimum of 500 hours of coding through daily meetups, project-based assignments, and one-on-one sessions with Academy instructors that are vested in helping students succeed both during and after the course.

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