Congressman Luke Messer Leads Special Order with Freshman Republican Class

February 4, 2013

Congressman Luke Messer led a Special Order with the Freshman Republican Class on the need to cut spending and the looming debt ceiling. Messer, President of the Republican Freshman Class, began the Special Order saying, “The fundamental question Congress needs to answer is whether Washington should take more than it already does from these hard-working, tax-paying Americans. The answer, of course, is no. Washington doesn’t tax too little. It spends too much.”

Earlier in the evening, Congressman Messer voted to cut all discretionary spending by 1.63 percent to finance the legislation to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

“None of these solutions are perfect but it is important that we make the tough decisions and begin to bring our spending under control,” said Messer. “Our country, like any family, faces emergencies. It is our responsibility as a government to deal with those emergencies but, like any family, it is also our responsibility to adjust our spending accordingly.”

Congressman Messer also gave his first floor speech today saying we must address the “out-of-control borrowing and spending” and that “now it’s time to tackle Washington’s binge spending.”

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