Reid Statement On Republican Obstruction Of Bill To Keep Jobs In America

July 19, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement after Republicans blocked the Senate from debating a bill that would eliminate tax subsidies for companies that ship American jobs overseas, and provide new incentives for companies to keep jobs here in America.

“In the past decade, American companies outsourced almost 2.5 million jobs. Right now, more than 130,000 workers in Nevada are at risk of seeing their jobs sent overseas. But today, Republicans blocked the Senate from debating a common-sense bill that would provide a new tax incentive to create more jobs here at home, and eliminate subsidies for companies that are shipping American jobs overseas.

“Republicans’ presidential candidate, Governor Mitt Romney, made a fortune by encouraging companies to ship American jobs overseas, so it’s little wonder that Senate Republicans are afraid to defend their support for outsourcing.

“Senator McConnell said that his ‘single most important’ goal is defeating President Obama, and in the past week he has made that abundantly clear. It is a shame that middle class families must suffer for Republicans to achieve their political aims.”

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