Tom A. Coburn: Administration's "Campaign to Cut Waste", One Year Later

One year ago today, the President announced his Campaign to Cut Government Waste. The executive order outlined a number of actions the administration would take to eliminate government waste, promising to “systematically identify additional reforms necessary to eliminate wasteful, duplicative, or otherwise inefficient programs; and publicize these reforms so that they may serve as a model across the Federal Government.”

As part of the announcement, the president outlined a goal to cut the number of federal websites in half within one year, stating:

In a June 2012 memo, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) provided a status update on the action items included in the executive order, as well as the status of their effort to reduce the number of federal websites in half within one year.

CRS noted that one month after the initial announcement, the White House published a list of all websites, citing 1,758 websites with the .gov domain, managed by federal executive branch agencies. “As of the time of this memorandum’s writing, the website indicated a reduction of nearly 300 websites,” at least 579 short of reaching their goal of cutting the number of websites in half.

Read the full report from CRS, here.

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