Reid Floor Statement On Supreme Court Decision To Uphold Affordable Care Act

June 28, 2012

Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery:

I’m pleased to see the Supreme Court put the rule of law ahead of partisanship, and ruled the Affordable Care Act constitutional.

Millions of Americans are already seeing the benefits of this law.

Seniors are saving money on their prescriptions and checkups.

Children can no longer be denied insurance because they have a preexisting condition, a protection that will soon extend to every American.

No longer will American families be a car accident or heart attack away from bankruptcy.

No longer will they live in fear of losing their health insurance because they lose their job.

No longer will tens of millions of Americans rely on emergency room care – or go without care entirely – because they have no insurance at all.

Soon, virtually every man, woman and child in America will have access to health insurance they can afford and the vital care they need.

Passing the Affordable Care Act was the greatest single step in generations toward ensuring access to affordable, quality healthcare for every American – regardless of where they live or how much money they make.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress continue to target the rights and benefits guaranteed under this law.

They would like to give the power of life and death back to insurance companies.

But the United States Supreme Court has spoken. This matter is settled.

No one thinks this law is perfect. But Democrats have proven we’re willing to work with Republicans to improve the Affordable Care Act.

Millions of Americans are still struggling to find work. Our first priority must be to improve the economy.

It’s time for Republicans to stop re-fighting yesterday’s battles.

Now that this matter is settled, I hope we can work together to create jobs and secure this country’s economic future.

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