Heartland Payment Systems Unveils Mobuyle Mobile Payment Acceptance Solution for Apple iOS Devices

March 28, 2012

Heartland Payment Systems' Mobuyle mobile payment acceptance solution is now available on Apple iOS mobile devices, enabling merchants to take credit, debit and gift card payments on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

As one of the first secure, mobile payment applications fully designed and developed by a leading card payments processor, Mobuyle can be used by existing Heartland card merchants by downloading the free retail app from Apple’s App Store and then purchasing a Mobuyle Encrypting Card Reader from Heartland. Merchants just plug the reader into an Apple mobile device audio jack and swipe cards to begin processing transactions from anywhere in the United States.

Simple to use, Mobuyle provides full payment acceptance functionality (credit, debit, gift, etc.) and various other features such as the ability to void sales, process returns, settle batches, run reports, process mail/telephone orders and e-commerce, and much more. Mobuyle also enables merchants to accept card payments with Store and Forward (SAF) functionality, so even if they are out of range for cellular coverage or WiFi access, they won’t miss the opportunity to accept a payment. Basically, Mobuyle puts full terminal capabilities into the hands of salespeople allowing merchants to expand sales opportunities to anywhere in a store.

For consumers, the benefits begin with merchants improving the overall retail experience by providing customers with convenient locations to receive assistance and make card payments, helping them to avoid waiting in long lines. Additionally, Mobuyle provides a highly secure transaction that protects customer data while also emailing receipts.

To ensure security, Mobuyle converts the consumer payment data into random characters using AES encryption, the most secure encryption available. Sensitive cardholder data is never stored on the Apple mobile device and the information is encrypted from the moment of card swipe or keyed entry throughout the transaction process. This protects consumer data as well as merchants by helping them maintain PCI compliance.

“With mobile payments expected to reach $670 billion in transactions and 2.5 billion users globally by 2015, merchants need to fully engage with customers beyond the cash register and Mobuyle provides a perfect solution,” said Mike English, Heartland’s executive director of product development. “Not only is it simple to use while expanding sales and business opportunities for merchants, it also improves the customer experience, which should lead to repeat visits by customers.”

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