Perry Campaign Releases New Online Ad: “Rick Santorum – Unelectable” Highlighting Santorum’s Record of Supporting Wasteful Earmarks

January 5, 2012

The Perry campaign today released a 60-second ad entitled “Rick Santorum – Unelectable.” This ad will be immediately distributed to Iowa activists and caucus-goers through the Internet.

“Rick Santorum, a 16-year member of Congress, says he’s ‘very proud’ of the earmarks he supported,” said Perry campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan. “Americans won’t elect a Washington insider who will burden our children with even more debt to pay for pet projects like ‘teapot museums’ and ‘sheep institutes.’ Gov. Perry signed six balanced state budgets and is the only Texas governor to cut state spending since World War II. As President, Gov. Perry will restore fiscal responsibility by capping government spending, banning earmarks and balancing the budget by 2020.”

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