Bachmann Earns Citizens’ Movement Endorsement, Wins Straw Poll with 50 Percent of Vote

December 22, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has received the endorsement of the Citizens’ Movement, a nationwide grassroots movement dedicated to electing officials who exemplify the qualities exhibited by the Founding Fathers and who stand for limited government, reduced spending and lower taxes.

“Rep. Bachmann embodies the values of conservatives,” said Michelle Swelling, spokeswoman for Citizens’ Movement. “As the voice of the ‘We the People,’ Rep. Bachmann has proven that she is the only candidate who has the values, the courage and the goal of getting the voices of the people back into Washington, D.C. We are honored to show our support for her candidacy.”

In addition to the endorsement, Bachmann won the organization’s blind straw poll with 50 percent of the voters selecting her as their choice for President of the United States in 2012. With Bachmann’s momentum on the rise, conservatives from across the country are throwing their support behind Michele as she heads into the all-important first-in-the-nation caucuses on Jan. 3.

“I am so incredibly honored to receive the endorsement from like-minded conservatives like those of the Citizens’ Movement. They know we need to get it right in 2012 and I am humbled to be the candidate they have selected to represent their voices in the White House,” said Bachmann. “Our mammoth government has ignored the American people for too long. As president, I will enact true reform to get our country moving again, get hardworking folks the jobs they so desperately seek and reduce the burden our government has on the American people and its business.”

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