Achieve Continuous Intelligence with Complex Event Processing






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In order to be a global competitor, you need real-time agility, and you must be driven by events.

A delayed response to changing conditions can mean missed opportunities, and overlooked threats.

To meet this challenge, complex event processing is being leveraged to identify patterns in fast paced, high-volume data streams that move through business systems in real time.

But building low-latency event driven applications that can distill insight from the noise of incoming data has been difficult—until now.

Quickly building and deploying new applications with rapid application development is key to achieving an enterprise view of the market.

Rapid application development represents a third option to the perennial “buy vs. build” debate, by letting you have the flexibility and fit of a custom solution at the lower cost and reduced implementation time of an off-the-shelf solution.

We interview Neil McGovern to gain Sybase's perspective on Complex Event Processing.

Neil is a director of marketing at Sybase.

Contact 800.SYBASE5 (792-2735) or click here.

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