Amazon Canada Opens Advanced Robotics Facility

October 25, 2022

Amazon Canada celebrated the opening of its newest and most advanced robotics facility, YOW3, in Barrhaven, Ontario. The only facility of its kind in Canada, and one of only five globally, YOW3 will create more than 2,500 jobs and offer an opportunity for employees to work alongside some of the company’s most cutting-edge technology.

“Today is a huge milestone for Amazon as we celebrate the opening of our most technologically advanced robotics facility in the country,” said Harsh Khaitan, Amazon Canada’s regional director of operations. “We’re thrilled to expand our decade-long presence in Canada through our third facility in the Ottawa area, and we are excited to continue creating jobs for the local community.”

Advanced Technology

Spanning more than 2.6 million square feet across four floors, YOW3 will store up to 20 million items at a time. Operating among these items are Amazon’s ROBIN, RWC4, and Kermit robots, each designed to improve employee experience by enhancing safety and productivity:

ROBIN: A robotic arm that can segment, grasp, manipulate, identify, and place a package onto a sort bot, improving the employee experience by supporting employees with repetitive tasks.

RWC4: A robotic arm that sorts totes, the logistical units of an Amazon facility centre, by destination and builds pallets.

Kemit: A trolley that focuses on towing empty totes throughout the facility and can adjust its speed and route as needed.

“By using robots, we can help employees with tasks that involve heavy lifting or repetitive movements,” Khaitan said. “We pilot and implement technology with the goal of increasing safety, improving our employee experience, and delivering for our customers.”

Other unique technologies in the facility include Canadian-made semi-automated pack stations, more than 12 kilometers of conveyor belts, and semi-automated stow stations.

As part of its mission to become Earth's Best Employer and Earth's Safest Place to Work, Amazon provides full-time operations employees with access to educational opportunities through upskilling programs. One of those programs is Career Choice, which offers to prepay up to 95% of tuition costs for courses related to in-demand fields. New employees will make a starting wage of between $19.00 and $21.00 per hour, receive a robust benefits package, and have access to career training opportunities.

‘’This new state-of-the-art fulfillment centre has created thousands of jobs in Ottawa. I’m confident that we will build on this momentum and continue to attract investment and jobs from other global companies, cementing Ottawa’s reputation as an ideal logistics and distribution hub.’’ said Mayor Jim Watson.

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