Izba Tackles Automated Fulfillment Analytics & Performance with Capabl

June 7, 2022

Izba Consulting launched Capabl – a fulfillment analytics software that provides third-party performance validation and automated scorecards for brands and fulfillment centers alike.. The software integrates with Shopify stores and looks at two of the most important fulfillment metrics i.e on-time fulfillment and order accuracy SLAs.

Despite signing contracts that specify a specific SLA (service level agreement), it has historically been difficult for brands and fulfillment centers to keep track of performance in a clear consistent way. Most brands or fulfillment centers had to settle for a manual process with varying levels of disagreement around data sources and methodology. This has created an environment where fulfillment centers don’t get credit for doing a good job and brands tolerate perfection.

Aaron Alpeter, Founder of Capabl and Izba Consulting stated: “I’ve seen how difficult and emotionally charged fulfillment relationships can be and to some extent I get it – your fulfillment center is the unboxing experience for the end consumer and a delay in shipping or receiving an incorrect order means a poor look for the brand and an unhappy customer service interaction.”

“We’ve honed the methodology with hundreds of thousands of orders and dozens of brands and fulfillment centers over the last 18 months through a sister consulting company (”

“We created Capabl to be a neutral 3rd party that helps keep score, guide fulfillment conversations, and allow brands and fulfillment centers to focus on what matters most; the end consumer”

Overtime Capabl intends to measure all major fulfillment KPIs necessary to build a transparent relationship between brands and fulfillment providers.

Capabl is now available for public use and offers a free 14 day trial.

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