Hyundai Pilots Autonomous Prescription Delivery

May 17, 2022

NowRx and Hyundai Motor inked an agreement for a pilot project to explore the use of new solutions in the delivery of prescription medications.

The parties plan to launch the project later this year, serving two micro-fulfillment centers in the Los Angeles area, U.S. The pilot includes aspects of automated dispatch, fleet management, and other last-mile optimization technologies, with the extended scope to test autonomous vehicle technologies in the future.

Supported by the Innovation Division of the Group, NowRx plans to combine its proprietary pharmacy management system “QuickFill” capabilities and the Group’s smart mobility solutions. The synergies are expected to provide a seamless healthcare experience to end consumers.

"Autonomous vehicles are part of our long-term strategic vision for NowRx to further reduce delivery costs at scale,” said Cary Breese, CEO and Co-Founder, NowRx. “We can’t imagine a better company to work with than the Group, which has demonstrated substantial leadership in the autonomous vehicle, and other robotics and automation areas.”

“The Group expects this collaboration with NowRx to help expand our mobility business model beyond the anticipated industry,” said Minsung Kim, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group and Head of the Open Innovation Strategy Team. “We believe a new opportunity with the technologically innovative e-pharmacy NowRx, that uniquely integrates pharmacy management and delivery service, supports our movement toward Smart Mobility Solutions Provider.”

NowRx is a tech-powered pharmacy that uses proprietary software and customized dispensing robotics to provide free same day prescription delivery and telehealth services. The company’s proprietary “QuickFill” system automates prescription processing and dispensing in under 30 sec – all while minimizing common pharmacy errors and reducing dispensing costs to a fraction of major retail chains. Additionally, NowRx is local to the areas it services and uses its own HIPAA-certified employees to deliver medications which means no unexpected delays. All of that equals a super convenient, hassle-free pharmacy experience for patients and doctors.

NowRx has 8 DEA licensed micro fulfillment pharmacies spread across the San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Phoenix with more than 64,000 customers and 487,000 prescriptions successfully delivered to date. Additionally, at the time of writing, every single NowRx location boasts a 5-star review rating on Yelp from patients and doctors.

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