Logility, Planalytics Partner Up

January 10, 2022

Logility inked a partnership with Planalytics to identify, quantify and apply weather-driven demand calculations to business planning and forecasting. The partnership enables Logility customers to layer in Planalytics’ predictive demand metrics to better understand impacts across their customer base and proactively capitalize on sales opportunities created by favorable weather while mitigating risks when demand is negatively impacted.

Logility customers can leverage Planalytics weather-driven demand analytics to factor in the weather’s influence on top line revenue and product/category sales across specific time periods and locations. This provides businesses with demand analytics to plan and optimize operations more effectively, keeping organizations one step ahead of shifting supply and demand trends. Planalytics will integrate directly into the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform®, ultimately increasing forecast accuracy, optimizing inventories and reducing lost sales.

“We are excited to help businesses better manage supply chains by operationalizing weather impact analytics within their Logility solutions,” said Scott Bernhardt, president, Planalytics. “Our predictive demand analytics will add to Logility’s impressive portfolio of solutions that help mitigate supply chain disruptions and place inventory more efficiently.”

“As supply chain disruptions continue, we look forward to working with Planalytics to better serve our customers,” said Allan Dow, president, Logility. “With improved forecast accuracy and a better understanding of how weather can impact the supply chain, we’re confident our customers will experience direct benefits from this partnership.”

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