Savoye Launches Manufacturing Operations in North America

December 20, 2021

Savoye, a designer and manufacturer of customizable software technology and hardware solutions for warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers, launched its operations and manufacturing capabilities in North America. Building off a more than 35-year track record of success across the globe, Savoye North America seeks to bring innovation to every aspect throughout the lifespan of the logistics and supply chain process. Located in Aurora, Ill., the company’s new North America headquarters will be a combination of corporate office space, a manufacturing facility, and a demo center to showcase equipment.

“We’re excited to launch our operations and manufacturing capabilities in North America,” said Paul Deveikis, CEO of Savoye North America. “With this, we will best be able to produce logistics and supply chain systems with a full range of material handling equipment solutions. Most importantly, with our extensive operations and capabilities now launched in the market, we will be able to further deliver our end-to-end solutions to meet our customers’ growing demands, while positioning ourselves for future growth in the market.”

Situated as a leading provider in intelligent logistics and supply chain systems with a full range of material handling equipment solutions, Savoye designs and manufactures advanced technologies and advanced software. The expanded footprint in the U.S. will bolster Savoye’s ability to continue to support the specific needs of current and future customers as an integrator, manufacturer and software provider independently or in any combination that best suits the customers’ needs.

End-to-End Advanced Technology and Software Products & Solutions

Savoye is an expert in providing end-to-end logistical solutions through its advanced technologies and advanced software. The company designs and develops some of the most agile software solutions in the industry to ensure fast and accurate order fulfillment.

This includes:

Order Management Systems

Transport Management Systems

Warehouse Control Systems

Warehouse Execution Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

Additionally, Savoye designs and manufactures customizable equipment and automated systems. At its new North America manufacturing facility, it will initially be able to produce a variety of products, including:

xPTS Shuttle ASRS

High Speed Lifts

Goods-to-Person Technology

“Our customized solutions combined with our focus on enhanced automation to drive meaningful business outcomes is an unmatched differentiator for us in the market,” added Deveikis. “By focusing on key products and offerings that have high-growth potential, we will create meaningful relationships with our customers by exceeding their need and demand for next generation solutions.”

Strong Growth & Expansion Opportunities Ahead

After successfully entering the North American market three years ago, Savoye has experienced rapid growth. In 2020, the company reached $185 million in revenue and was placed on Modern Materials Handling’s Top 20 System Suppliers list. Savoye plans to leverage today’s announcement as a catalyst for future growth and expansion in the market. The company projects 2021 yearly sales to exceed 2020 results and will continue strong growth in 2022 and beyond.

Furthermore, in 2022, Savoye plans to open additional sales, engineering and software development facilities in Charlotte, N.C. and Grand Rapids, MI. The company is also planning a second manufacturing plant in 2023, as well additional engineering locations on the west and southwest sides of the U.S.

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