Altova MobileTogether 8.0 GA

June 2, 2022

Altova MobileTogether 8.0 is a rapid app development platform for building enterprise solutions and native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. This latest release adds several exciting new features, including a brand new way of interacting with relational databases, support for modularization, and more. The launch of MobileTogether 8.0 coincides with the launch of Altova RecordsManager, a new offering that gives developers a no-code option for creating business database apps.

Highlights in this release include:

A completely new approach to database connectivity including a new Database Wizard and support for hierarchical read/write. Previously, working with backend data in relational databases required quite a bit of hand-written SQL work to perform commonly required tasks. MobileTogether 8.0 takes an entirely new approach and lets developers effortlessly build a query that returns hierarchical data and then simply write the data back in hierarchical form. The new approach to working with hierarchical data in otherwise flat relational databases in MobileTogether will prove to be a huge time saver that makes app development that much simpler.

Modularization. Version 8.0 introduces the ability to modularize the app design file so that multiple developers can work on the same project. This also adds the ability to reuse parts of projects in other projects.

Modularization is also implemented through a new Modules pane, which automatically organizes large projects and helps developers find things more easily to immediately understand how and where each item is used. Items that belong together are grouped together logically, making the entire project easier to understand. Refactoring and modularization offer numerous advantages from reducing development time and enabling teamwork to supporting fast, flexible updates and maintenance.

Server Libraries are a new type of MobileTogether design file. When an app or solution utilizes a Server Library, the library can be exchanged at any time without needing to redeploy the app. This enables a much quicker roll-out of app updates and changes and eliminates the need for apps to be resent through the app store approval process.

Starting with MobileTogether 8.0, when you open MobileTogether Designer you will have the option to create a classic MobileTogether solution or start with Altova RecordsManager. RecordsManager has a visual interface for quickly building business database apps for desktop and mobile users with no-coding necessary. One of the biggest advantages of RecordsManager is that developers don't need to build the database backend themselves. They focus on what they want to model, and RecordsManager does the rest. This is a huge time saver and allows system administrators or developers of any skill level to easily create effective apps.

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