T-Mobile Business Internet Leverages Cradlepoint 5G Edge Router

November 17, 2022

T-Mobile Business Internet is now available with the custom-built E320 5G Cradlepoint router. It’s designed to take advantage of T-Mobile’s spectrum and unlock the full power of T-Mobile 5G, giving businesses speeds and reliability like never before.

The router is pre-configured for easy implementation and comes with T-Mobile managed services, through Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service. This means customers can set up routers remotely across hundreds or even thousands of locations without an IT team. And it means T-Mobile is always on standby for support with cloud-driven configuration, monitoring and analytics on-demand.

The router also addresses a top concern for businesses — security — with robust features like firewall support, port security and intrusion detection and prevention. Together, these features help protect sensitive data, and defend against threats, like malware, that can lead to business-impacting security breaches. Plus, Cradlepoint regularly updates the router’s software to address new security concerns, so businesses have the best protection now and in the future.

Deploying business internet across hundreds or thousands of locations can require extensive upfront capital, but the E320 5G is available from T-Mobile with a device-as-a-service pricing model. So, businesses can deploy internet quickly without worrying about upfront costs. Businesses can contact their T-Mobile for Business rep for pricing.

The Cradlepoint E320 5G router for T-Mobile Business Internet is available today.

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