BellSoft Liberica Administration Center Debuts

December 15, 2021

With the various JDK distributions that exist, the Java runtime management within an organization becomes a complicated task. A company may utilize thousands of desktops and different Java runtimes. To ensure zero vulnerabilities, it's important to monitor the entire Java fleet by controlling timely updates and licensing of all Java runtimes. It is a massive amount of information to handle and it would be best served by an automated decision-maker!

BellSoft, a well-known contributor to OpenJDK development, has created such a solution and is excited to introduce the Liberica Administration Center (LAC)!

LAC presents a single dashboard for enterprise administration of all Java runtimes, covering the following essential points:

Comprehensive monitoring of all Java runtimes within the organization;

Summary of the above information in different report formats;

Management of all Java runtimes from one window, with multiple options of automated tasks;

Licensing and security control (highlighting the software vulnerabilities that require attention);

User-friendly interface;

Management of timely updates from a single application;

Maximum protection of data with a system of notifications and alerts to possible security issues with suggested solutions;

Compatibility with Windows 7+ for desktops and Cloud.

LAC is a unique enterprise-level solution for which there is no market alternative. It comes together with technical support from the BellSoft team, who will help align the instrument specifically to a client's needs.

And there's more: BellSoft is one of the largest contributors to OpenJDK, and Liberica JDK is the runtime of choice for VMware, Pivotal, Spring, JetBrains, and more. Liberica JDK provides a unified Java experience across the organization. It delivers a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective approach to application development with 24/7/365 support, which connects you directly to an engineer who will help solve any problem without delay.

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