Olive Ups Healthcare Game with New Partnership Programs

October 28, 2021

Olive created a powerful new channel of distribution for those seeking to make positive change in healthcare, by introducing five new partnership programs Develop, Deploy, Distribute, Alliance, and The Library. Olive's partnership program creates more open access in the industry, allowing solutions built on Olive to be immediately delivered to a vast range of hospitals, health systems, payers and patients.

Healthcare is the industry our lives depend upon and yet its digital technology has been outdated, heavily siloed and lacking in interoperability, leaving the industry begging for disruption. Advances in AI and automation technologies provide the necessary path forward for healthcare to leapfrog other industries, with 98% of healthcare professionals predicting AI-led advancements will be widespread in healthcare by 2026.

Olive is an industry-wide platform

Olive is pushing the healthcare industry into a position of leadership for innovation with Olive Helps, the first true platform for healthcare with a developer ecosystem. By joining Olive's development community, developers gain access to Olive's platform, data, technology, and Loop Development Kit. These tools enable them to build industry-changing Loops applications that work on the platform to provide humans with real-time intelligence on an infrastructure that is sound, safe and secure.

"Everyone has the opportunity to create something truly impactful with Olive from the software engineer at a health system, or the cybernetics developer at an up-and-coming company, to the digital health entrepreneur in her basement," said Patrick Jones, executive vice president, partnerships, Olive. "Olive's partnership program brings the industry together to leverage shared, industrywide knowledge to help achieve a fully connected healthcare industry that delivers long overdue change and starts leading innovation over other industries."

Olive's partnership program consists of five programs:

Develop on Olive:

Who: Start-ups, health systems, large technology companies and individual developers

What: Leverage Olive's open platform to innovate, build and distribute their solutions to Olive's install base of the country's largest health providers. Partners can grow an existing business or build a new one, while growing their network and expertise through Olive.

Deploy Olive:

Who: Boutique consulting companies and global systems integrators

What: Add new lines of service by becoming credentialed to deploy Olive, helping current Olive customers customize Loops and enabling future customers to expedite implementation times.

Distribute Olive:

Who: Companies of all sizes from start-ups to large corporations

What: Increase revenue to drive sales of their products and offerings through the distribution of Olive via a channel/reseller partnership model.

Olive Alliances:

Who: Innovation hubs, universities, communities and industry associations

What: Partner with Olive to increase exposure in the healthcare tech space, drive incentives for companies and developers within their network and create opportunities for innovation both internally and externally.

The Olive Library

Who: Companies of all sizes from individual developers, to start-ups, to enterprise brands

What: Leverage Olive's distribution channel to list, sell, and grow solutions as part of Olive's ecosystem. The Library provides partners with access to Olive's customer base, which currently includes more than 950 providers and payers and more than 75 health systems in over 45 states across the United States.

Olive partners with more than 30 companies, including ASUS, Advocatia, ScaleHealth, Innovation Labs, and Rotera, with more joining daily. Partners can receive credentials and awards to reflect their qualifications, areas of expertise and milestones they have achieved.

"We are inspired by Olive's vision to create the Internet of Healthcare, which is currently missing in the healthcare industry," said Tai-Yi Huang, corporate vice president of ASUS and head of ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS). "We share the same mission to make the industry more efficient and affordable by connecting its disconnected systems, unlocking data from the various silos and enabling innovations in time with AI technologies."

Olive seeks industry-changing ideas with hackathon
To boost innovation in healthcare, Olive is also teaming up with Rotera to host Hack for Health 2021, a hackathon taking place from November 1 to December 15. Developers of all sizes from individual developers, to startups, to enterprise technology companies are invited to build cutting-edge health tech Loops with the aim of revolutionizing how healthcare workers work and optimize patient care delivery. The top five Loops will get direct entry into the Olive Develops program and receive expert co-marketing and technical support for the development of their Loops.

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