Enhanced Postman API Platform Debuts

September 20, 2021

Postman, the world’s leading API platform, today announced that it is redefining the API Management category with the launch of a new version of the platform. The launch establishes Postman as the one definitive place for building and using APIs in the API-first world.

“Over the last few years we’ve seen the API-first mindset become embraced by a wide range of customers, from individual developers and early-stage teams to Fortune 500 companies,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman. “Meanwhile, the entire API Management category has been stuck in a code-first world—focusing only on gateways and lacking the tooling necessary to harness the true power of APIs. We believe that the transition from code-first to API-first is a significant technology shift, and that to succeed in the API-first world, engineering organizations need a set of API tools integrated into a new category of solutions: API Platforms.”

API Platforms are software systems with integrated tools and processes that allow producers and consumers to effectively build, manage, publish, and consume APIs. API Platforms include tooling for the entire API lifecycle, collaboration capabilities for both producers and consumers, governance capabilities for operations, architecture, and security teams, and integrations with source code management, CI/CD, gateways, and application performance management (APM).

Ankit Sobti, co-founder and CTO of Postman, states, “We are dedicated to growing alongside our community and are proud to announce the newest version of the Postman API Platform to integrate deeply with developer workflows and create a best-in-class integrated experience.”

New and improved features available now on the Postman API Platform include:

Deeper integration with version control systems: Building upon the Postman community’s love of version control systems, developers can now harness the power of integrating Git to Postman’s API management workflows.

All-new Private API Network: Postman’s Private API Network provides a central directory of all internal APIs in an organization, discoverable by anyone authorized to do so and delivering relevant private APIs to developers faster.

New enterprise governance feature: Team members in enterprise organizations who hold the Community Manager role in Postman can now view all public collection links created by all team members in one place, with the ability to see who created which link and remove any links to collections that are not for public viewing.

Simplified API documentation and onboarding: Developers can link reference guides, how-to documentation, recipes, and other means of communication about how an API works.

Integrated tooling: Developers can now bring together key components with the definition of APIs including source code management, CI/CD, API gateways, and APM to help you govern the entire API landscape.

Deployment control for Postman Enterprise: The Postman Enterprise Application, now available in private beta, is a separate, packaged binary for IT and system admins to deploy and control versions of the Postman app within an organization.

The new Postman API Platform launch follows the company’s recent funding news, announcing it raised $225 million in Series D funding placing its valuation at $5.6 billion. This funding will support Postman’s relentless focus on both product and community, providing the support that developers and enterprises need to lead the charge in an API-first world.

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