Liquidware Enhances FlexApp Solution

September 9, 2021

Liquidware's FlexApp application layering solution now includes package automation, an innovative feature that provides enterprise organizations the ability to significantly reduce application packaging and deployment times. FlexApp Package Automation also provides great integration for DevOps by enabling an organization to deliver applications at high velocity.

Continuing on from the recent FlexApp One feature announcement, this further innovation from Liquidware provides the following benefits:

Bulk packaging of .EXE, MSI, MSIX etc.

Leverages multiple packaging consoles working independently to greatly accelerate packaging

Package output is turnkey and ready to distribute via the ProfileUnity console

Ideal for integration with DevOps

Aids application managers' workflows by working with major application vendors' silent install switches

"We are witnessing more and more of our enterprise customers implementing FlexApp layering as their de-facto way to deploy applications," commented Jason E. Smith, VP of product marketing and alliances, Liquidware. "The new package automation feature brings further efficiencies for customers that have dozens, if not thousands, of applications to provision."

Automation is one of the top priorities for CIOs according to many surveys conducted recently. Along with automation being a key driver to digital transformation, Gartner recently stated that hyperautomation is now inevitable and irreversible as it is a top strategic priority; everything that can, and should, be automated will be automated.

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