Rookout Live Logger GA

August 31, 2021

Rookout's latest product Live Logger complements their existing Live Debugger for dynamic observability into modern applications. With the click of a button, Live Logger enables developers to switch logs on and off on-demand, as well as change their verbosity on the fly, significantly reducing logging noise and cost, while simultaneously increasing their efficacy.

“All developers have the same fear of not having the right logs when they need them most -- so unfortunately the trend has become to log everything,” said Shahar Fogel, CEO of Rookout. “Logs quickly become expensive to store and noisy at scale. Live Logger lets developers increase log verbosity when they are being helpful, but just as importantly, allows them to be shut off when they are creating noise.”

In traditional software development workflows, engineers are forced to make upfront decisions about where exactly to add log lines and at what level of verbosity. Once the logs are deployed, any future changes require the developer to write more code, stop the application, and then redeploy it again. According to Digital Enterprise Journal in their report titled Enabling Top Performing Engineering Teams, 68% of respondents struggle with the challenge of “flying slow or flying blind”. Engineers either ignore the logs and fly blind without the context needed to make informed decisions, or they fly slow because they spend countless hours digging through logs to find the required data.

Rookout Live Logger makes these concerns obsolete by enabling developers to switch logs on and off without having to write more code and restart the application. This dynamic instrumentation is made possible via bytecode manipulation, typically seen in cybersecurity but uncommon amongst developer tooling. Combined with Rookout’s core Live Debugging product, these tools give developers instant access to the code-level data they need to troubleshoot and understand complex, modern applications.

“Logs have become a ‘can’t live with them, can’t live without them’ asset for most engineering organizations,” said Ron Teeter, VP of Engineering at Jobvite. “Of course it’s painful to debug an application and find you don’t have the necessary logs; but it’s just as painful when they are missing context or become so noisy that you have to ignore them altogether. Being able to dynamically set where the logs are placed and how verbose they are with Rookout Live Logger is a game-changer.”

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